Adventure Box

Adventure Box

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Raidbox for R1200GS/ ADV 2006 to 2014.


With 3.5 liters of capacity, the Raidbox is great to store essential tools etc, with a lockable rear door big enough to gain access to all usable space.


Fits neatly and securely inside the right pannier frame, and is supplied with all necessary fixings for a simple install.


Fully waterproof so you can safely store a puncture kit, a first aid kit, anti-theft cables, locks, tools, etc. out of the way.


With the lockable rear door, you do not need to remove your pannier to gain access.


Made of durable ABS plastic with a lockable door and brackets in anodised aluminium and stainless steel fittings, and supplied with 2 keys. The Raidbox is designed to complement your BMW with a 'factory' appearance.


The Raidbox will fit all BMW R1200GS Adventure models from 2006 to 2014 with the factory fitted BMW Adventure panner frames.


Designed and Manufactured in Italy.

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