Replacement Clocks, Temp Gauges, Volt Meters, etc

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Koso Water Temperature Adapter

Product no.: 3039-KO-BG018B00

£25.60 *
In stock

KOSO RX-2N Multifunction Speedometer

Product no.: 3030-KO-BA015B15

£244.95 *
In stock

Koso Oil Temperature Adapter for Africa Twin

Product no.: 3038-BG281415

£8.55 *
In stock

Koso Super Slim Temperature Gauge - Blue or Red

Product no.: BA024T

£34.95 *
In stock

Koso Mechanical to Digital drive converter for RX2N

Product no.: 3044-KO-BF580011 360-311

£24.95 *
In stock

Koso Mini3 Dual Temperature Gauge

Product no.: BA003180

£44.95 *
In stock
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