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Quad Lock


Quad Lock makes products for people with an active lifestyle. 


Based in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve been making solutions for smartphone mounting since 2011.

Smartphones are our maps, our fitness trackers, our music, our connection with others and more. Quad Lock makes life easier by having the power of your phone seamlessly integrated into your life.

Our origins

Developed in Australia by Chris Peters and Rob Ward, Quad Lock was brought to market through the power of the internet and crowdfunding.

Quad Lock launched on Kickstarter in December 2011. It smashed its funding goal and received rave reviews from the cycling community.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and Quad Lock has now sold millions of products worldwide, making it one of the great Australian startup success stories of recent years.



Our point of difference

Quad Lock features a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount. It is also extremely quick to attach and detach with one hand.

It works so well that we regularly get emailed by customers ecstatic that their smartphones have survived some pretty bad cycling and motorbike accidents.

"One unfortunate customer sent us photos of his bike with buckled wheels and bent handle bars along with x-rays of his broken bones which was the result of being hit by a truck. He emailed us to say how thankful he was to find his phone unharmed and still safely mounted to his stem so he could call for help. If he had stored his phone in his jersey pocket it would have been destroyed or worse still, it could have made his injuries worse.

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