SHOEI Helmets

SHOEI Helmets





The brand name is Shoei - Premium Helmets for a reason.

Ever since the company was founded in 1954, all Shoei motorcycle helmets have been designed and manufactured in Japan, by a dedicated team who take pride in ensuring that every single helmet is made to the highest possible standard.

The manufacturing process at Shoei is amazingly personal, each helmet is handmade, and starts its life being marked by the member of staff who is responsible for it; this ownership and accountability means that a faulty helmet is practically unheard of.

Shoei only make motorcycle helmets, founder Eitaro Kamata set out from the very beginning to concentrate on developing one product and to make sure that this was exceptional.

Take no chances, you deserve the best. You deserve a Shoei.

Rugged Roads are an official SHOEI Helmet stockist