Base Layer

Base Layer

Correctly layering your motorcycle gear should leave you feeling warm, comfortable and a little smug that you’re one of those hardy year-round riders not afraid of a little bad weather. 

While you may not have put much thought into how you wear your clothes, there’s a whole principle behind effective layering. Over the years, outdoor explorers and adventurers have put in the time and effort to discover the best way to layer your garments to provide optimal comfort while maintaining a stable body temperature. This principle, in its simplest form, calls for using three layers of clothing, each technical in its design and nature, and each with a specific purpose.

Those three layers are; the base layer, the mid-layer, and the outer layer. Your base layer will be used to keep you warm and dry by wicking sweat away from your skin and allowing it to be transferred to the mid-layer.

The mid-layer takes your sweat and transfers it to the outer layer, and it also prevents loss of body heat by providing insulation. The outer layer protects from the elements and should help deal with moisture produced by sweat.

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Product no.: 3118-003-XXX-000

£30.00 *

KLIM Hibernate Sock - Gray

Product no.: 4078-000-XXX-600

£35.00 *
In stock

KLIM Mammoth Sock - BLACK

Product no.: 6005-001-XXX-000

£35.00 *
In stock

KLIM Aggressor Cool -1.0 Long Sleeve - Camo

Product no.: 3504-000-XXX-330

£60.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Cool -1.0 Pant - Camo

Product no.: 3193-000-XXX-330

£50.00 *

KLIM Ladies Solstice Shirt 1.0 Wintermint

Product no.: 4020-005-XXX-311

£50.00 *

KLIM Ladies Solstice Shirt 1.0 Black

Product no.: 4020-005-XXX-000

£50.00 *

KLIM Ladies Solstice Shirt 2.0 Black

Product no.: 3201-003-XXX-000

£55.00 *

KLIM Ladies Solstice Shirt 2.0 Knockout Pink-Castlerock Gray

Product no.: 3201-003-XXX-703

£55.00 *

KLIM Ladies Solstice Pant 2.0 Black

Product no.: 3202-003-XXX-000

£55.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Shirt 2.0 Castlerock Gray

Product no.: 3198-003-XXX-626

£55.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Shirt 2.0 Black

Product no.: 3198-003-XXX-000

£55.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Pant 2.0 Black

Product no.: 3200-003-XXX-000

£55.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Cool -1.0 Brief - Camo

Product no.: 3192-000-XXX-330

from £50.00 *

KLIM Aggressor Cool -1.0 Short Sleeve - Camo

Product no.: 3503-000-XXX-330

£50.00 *
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