It’s not often that the CEO of a big company likes to get their hands dirty, but that’s exactly what our founder, Zhang Xue, likes to do. His passion, ambition, and drive have created an entire motorcycle brand that is focused on leading, not copying.

The Kove 450 rally is the first Chinese motorcycle that was developed as a stand-alone design.

The level of detail which you will find on the Kove Rally bikes is incredible. The range was displayed at the EICMA show in Milan and rave reviews have come from all quarters and have created a sizable following among the motorcycle classes.



2024 KOVE 450 RALLY




Introducing the KOVE 450 RALLY – the ultimate lightweight ADV bike that perfectly embodies your adventurous dreams! KOVE has successfully crafted an impeccable harmony between lightness and agility, off-road suspension, endurance-focused ergonomics, and rally-raid aesthetics.

This isn’t merely a bike with rally inspirations; it’s rally-BORN! The 450 RALLY was envisioned and designed from inception as a competitive rally motorcycle, capable of going head-to-head with the most expensive factory race bikes. Eagerly awaiting your next adventure, the KOVE 450 RALLY is more than ready for the challenge!

At the core of the KOVE 450 RALLY beats a 449cc DOHC single engine, kept cool by dual radiators, each equipped with its own electric cooling fan. Additionally, an external oil cooler ensures the engine’s lifeblood stays cool, while providing extra oil capacity for longer service intervals. The bike’s fuel delivery is expertly managed by fuel injection, regulated by a top-tier Bosch ECU.

kove 450 rally high seat motorcycle test ride
kove 450 rally high seat motorcycle ride in mountains

The engine of the KOVE 450 RALLY is gracefully ensconced within a steel semi-perimeter frame, ingeniously designed to accommodate three distinct fuel tanks. Comfort is a primary consideration, with a long, flat seat designed for countless hours of enjoyable riding atop the bike. Checking the air filter is a breeze – a simple pull on the seat release cable exposes a large foam air filter element, strategically placed high for optimal protection against water and dust.

The 450 RALLY’s suspension utilizes fully adjustable 49mm YU-AN forks, along with a matching YU-AN reservoir monoshock, providing a generous 12” of suspension travel on the Standard model.

As the sun sets and your adventure persists, high-intensity LED lights brilliantly illuminate your path, ensuring your journey continues uninterrupted, no matter what the time of day.

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Kove Rally 450 Standard

Product no.: KOVE450R-S

The KOVE 450 RALLY is the ultimate lightweight ADV bike that you have been dreaming of! KOVE has finally struck the perfect balance

£1,000.00 *

Kove Rally 450 Standard LOW

Product no.: KOVE450R-L

The KOVE 450 RALLY is the ultimate lightweight ADV bike that you have been dreaming of! KOVE has finally struck the perfect balance

£1,000.00 *

Kove Rally 450 PRO

Product no.: KOVE450R-P

The 450 PRO is ready to compete in any rally-raid event and is EXACTLY the same as the bikes that conquered the Dakar!

£1,000.00 *
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