Fatter Foot R1150GSA

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We are the original designers and manufacturers of the celebrated FATTER FOOT.

Stainless steel baseplate with integrated studs so no bolt heads to get ground off during usage - get the original – still the best and most rugged FATTER FOOT on the market.

Ever get worried about parking your BMW on its side stand on soft ground? If so spread the load with this Fatter Foot. Designed to spread the load of your bike and stop it sinking. It will also stop it leaning over quite so far giving an additional 10mm lift over our standard Fat Foot.

The Fatter Foot is made at our factory in the UK to the highest specification of both durability and looks.

The Fatter Foot is built as follows:
- Stainless steel base plate with permanently affixed studs for easier fitting.
- 3 x Aluminium Spacers
- 1 x Aluminium Foot Locating Plate.
- Stainless steel top plate.

Includes all required fixings.

This item fits the following models:
- BMW R11500GS – All Years

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