BMW R1200GS LC - Auxilliary Light Bar

BMW R1200GS LC - Auxilliary Light Bar

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We all know the lights on these BMWs could be better and that many of you like to fit additional lights to your bikes. Designed and manufactured in anodised aluminium with stainless steel fixings, the light bar makes it easy for you to fit either 2 or 4 lights to your new R1200GS LC.

All required fittings, are included.


The light bar is shown here with a set of Hella Micro DE projector lights along with a set of the Rugged Roads Hella DE Lightguards - but they are equally suited to any auxiliary lights.


Benefits Of The Rugged Roads Auxiliary Light Mounting Bar

- Lasercut fixing holes so you can easily attach the cables to the light bar keeping your wiring secure and out of the way.
- The light bar goes left to right under the beak, so you only need one to mount 2 or 4 lights and cuts out any vibration.
- The bar is bolted securely to the front subframe.
- Can be mounted in 5 minutes, without disassembling anything on your bike.

Fits the following model:
- R1200GS – 2013 Onwards>

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