JIS Screwdriver - Vessel Megadora IMPACTA P3x150

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The perfect screwdriver for your Honda screws.

Your Honda uses JIS screws NOT Phillips screws, so use the correct Japanese manufactured tool to save damaging them.


Ever wondered why your Phillips screwdrivers keep rounding out on your Honda screws?  Well basically Honda use JIS screws (Japanese Industry Standard) and not Phillips screws that we are used to.

These JIS screwdrivers will fit perfectly into the screwhead and not slip or round out as they usually do if using a Phillips screwdriver.


JIS looks much like a Phillips screw, but is designed not to cam out and will, therefore, be damaged by a Phillips screwdriver if it is too tight. The driver has a 57 degree point with a flat tip, parallel wings.



JIS screwdrivers will work perfectly well with both JIS screws and Phillips screws, but a Philips screwdriver will only be of optimum use on a Phillips screw and will likely damage a JIS screw.

Give your bike the treatment it deserves and use the proper tools to save the original fasteners.






The 980 Series "Impacta" is a revolutionary screwdriver that features a built-in impact driven screw removal function.

  • Tang-Thru nut with cam rotation mechanism
  • Non-slip surface secures a firm grip even when your hands are covered with oil
  • Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank
  • High precision black tip point

Great for:

  • Stripped Screws
  • Rusted Screws
  • Stuck Screws

The proprietary Tang-Thru nut incorporates a cam rotation mechanism, which turns the driving tip counter-clockwise by 12° when the handle is hit with a hammer.

The "Impacta" leverages impact acceleration to remove stuck screws.


Slip-Proof Handle:
When used with oil covered hands, tightening torque is 26% higher with the "Impacta" than with other VESSEL screwdrivers.








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