Hella Micro De Light Guards - Silver - Set of 2

Hella Micro De Light Guards - Silver - Set of 2

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Hella Micro DE lights are great on your bike. We absolutely love them and have them fitted on all of our bikes. After a couple of spills and having to replace them, we decided to design and manufacture some guards for these lights. Price is for a set of 2.

The Hella Micro De Light Guards are designed by Rugged Roads and made in Britain from coated aluminium.

Colour - Matt Silver

These light guards are suitable for use with the standard Hella Micro DE Fog and Driving Lights - but NOT the xenon versions as they have a larger external casing. They will fit on any light mounting bar.

Fitting is easy as you just slot the lights into them and attach to your light bar with the fittings that came with the light.

Fits all models of bike.

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