Koso Ultra Slim LCD Volt Meter BLUE

Koso Ultra Slim LCD Volt Meter BLUE

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This all new Ultra Slim Waterproof Volt Meter has a clear high contrast display using the very latest LCD technology.


The display has large BLUE numbers when lit and is a discrete gloss black when switched off.


Measuring only 56.4 x 27 x 11mm the neat compact design can be mounted on any flat surface using the 3M adhesive pad supplied in the box.


Has a built in safety feature, so if the voltage drops to 11.5V, the the meter will automatically flash to warn you.


Volt Meter - Display Range: 8.0 – 18.0V DC
Voltage warning – When the voltage is lower than 11.5V, the meter will flash to warn you
Meter Size: 56.4mm x 27mm x 11mm

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