Premium Indoor Spandex Motorcycle Cover - RED XL

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These are the covers that we use for all of the bikes in our shop (perfect fit for all XRV and CRF Africa Twins) - they are highly recommended
A dry place to park your bike is half the battle in keeping it in top condition, but for truly perfect protection, use a high quality soft HIGHSIDER™ indoor cover. 
  • The highly elastic material perfectly follows your bike's contours. 
  • Breathable, Ultra-soft, close-fitting and paint-friendly, this cover completely surrounds and protects your bike. 
  • Perfectly held in place by the elasticated material, with an additional elastic cord running all the way around the base of the cover, leaving no chance for dust and dirt to land on your pride and joy. 
  • Bright Red in colour with a contrasting Black stripe across the top.
  • Perfect fit for the CRF1000 Africa Twin, CRF1000 Adventure Sport, and all large capacity Dual Sport bikes, even with panniers fitted
  • Length: 228 cm
  • Width: 99 cm
  • Height: 124 cm

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