MRA X-Creen Sport XCSA Universal Adjustable Spoiler - Clear

MRA X-Creen Sport XCSA Universal Adjustable Spoiler - Clear

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Designed with the benefit of knowledge gained from decades of aerodynamic screen development, the new X-creen offers a large spoiler - adjustable by hand, without the need for tools - to provide the best airflow variation and tailored wind protection for you, in all weather conditions - all year round. 
Available in a clear or smoked grey tinted finish, 
X-creen offers you the choice of two hinge systems - both supplied with your screen - providing a wider range of movements both in angle and also vertical height variation (by much as 11cm / 4.25") for maximum adjustability and comfort.
Complementing MRA's established Vario Touring Screen range, X-creen offers further enhanced protection and comfort for the long distance or taller rider.
The X-creen Sport universal windshield spoiler can be added to your existing screen and adjusted to almost any desired position to help improve the airflow.
Using its double jointed mounting, the spoiler can be adjusted for both angle and distance from the screen and offers amazing relief from wind pressure.
  • Mounting width required on your bike's original screen between XCSA's hinge posts is 265mm / 10.4 inches (+/- 10 mm / 0.5 inch, dependent upon your screen's curvature)
  • Width of spoiler/aerofoil: 260 mm (10.2 inches)
  • Height of spoiler/aerofoil: 100 mm (3.9 inches)
  • X-creen Sport can either be clamped to the top of your existing windshield using the included fittings, or bolted through your screen for a more permanent solution.


The adjustable wind deflector can function as a screen extension, as well as a diffuser in front of the screen to gently reduce the airflow. Or, when required, it can also channel air onto a rider to help keep them cool in warmer weather.
There is no other adjustable screen system offering greater versatility!
About MRA
  • World’s largest approved aftermarket motorcycle screen manufacturer
  • Producer of genuine branded aftermarket accessory screens for three of the four leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturers
  • All screens manufactured in their TÜV certified production facility in Teningen-Nimburg near Freiburg, Germany
  • Production is in excess of 100,000 units per annum
  • Manufactured from the world’s most advanced anti-scratch and virtually unbreakable optical quality screen materials
  • Technical Partner to race-winning MotoGP and SBK teams
  • A recognised leader in innovative and effective screen designs
Rugged Roads and MRA are not responsible for any damage to an original windscreen resulting from use or installation of this product.


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