Adventure-Spec Side Luggage Racks - Tenere 700

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A set of powder coated, simple, lightweight rear luggage plates designed to keep your soft luggage from folding under your back wheels on your Yamaha Tenere 700 / T7 / T700.

Have you ever crashed a bike with a tubular rear luggage rack? We have, it’s often not pretty. They sort of bend and can’t be pushed back into shape...or they just snap.

Our problem was that we never rode with hard boxes or huge heavy soft panniers. We rode with lightweight simple soft luggage (our Magadan Panniers for example) and just needed something to stop the bags folding under the back wheel when we hit whoops or off road sections. Talking of which…Having ridden the Tenere we’re pretty sure that luggage or not, most of you will be venturing onto tracks and trails on this awesome machine. So, we also need something that wouldn’t add too much weight to the bike (so that it could be lifted when dropped) and more importantly, survive multiple drops.

These simple flat plate 5000 series aluminium racks are the perfect companion to simple smaller soft throwover panniers. With multiple vertical slots for strapping options (and weight saving) a 4 layer powder coated finish and a simple 3 dimensional welded construction they served Dave well during his recent trip to Africa (he dropped the bike a few times apparently…) and were declared fit for production on his return.

Avaulable in a choice of colours (please select from drop down menu):

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • White

The Luggage Top Rack shown in the images is not included but is available seperately - please see item # ASLRT7

Note - images shown are the final prototypes that were sent down to Africa for testing prior commercial manuafcture, and are bare alloy with no powdercoating.

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