Product no.: CADVT7-ABH

The CamelADV Anti-Bobble-Head keeps the instruments and headlight fixed without vibration.

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Product no.: T7-HFK

Camel ADV’s high fender kit eliminates the Tenere 700's factory low fender and replaces it with a Supermoto style fender.

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Product no.: CADVT7-CT

An additional 80-120 km (50-75miles) of extra fun before you need to start looking for a fuel station!

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Product no.: CADVT7OFC

We love the Tenere 700 but found the clutch friction zone to be narrower than we'd like - Camel ADV - Tenere 700 One Finger Clutch

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Product no.: CADVT7-LFR

You can swap your bike's flasher relay out and replace it with a flasher specifically made for use with LED signals.

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