Ohlins Fork Cartridge FULL Kit - Tenere 700

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This kit INCLUDES Öhlins Series 08424-xx Fork Springs, and Öhlins Fork Oil, as well as the Öhlins FKA114 Cartridge Kit.
Dual Sport and Adventure bikes.
Based on the successful road racing kits. The Öhlins cartridge kits have now been made for the medium sized adventure bikes. Based on the successful Öhlins technology, we are proud to introduce Öhlins cartridge kits for this segment.
Medium sized adventure bikes used in their right element on true adventures both on and off the road can now enjoy the improved comfort and performance from an Öhlins cartridge kit. Öhlins R&D decided to go for a solution based on the successful Öhlins NIX technology to reach the goal of a cartridge that can deliver both comfort and performance, and go longer than an off-road kit between servicing. The small design of the cartridge kit makes it fit easily in the upside down OE forks most adventures bikes are equipped with today. The kits are easy to install, just pop out the OE kits and install the Öhlins cartridge kits instead.
Thanks to the FKA 114 kit from Öhlins the Yamaha Tenere 700 now has a fully adjustable front end. Rebound damping is on one leg and compression in the other leg, with adjustable spring preload in both legs. Together with an overall improved damping system, the bike is transformed and can deliver so much more.
Different springs are available for riders individual demands as well as an effective hydraulic stop inside the kit to prevent bottoming. After tests we feel confident this cartridge kit improves the adventure bike both in terms of comfort and overall performance.
Fast gravel roads on a weekend or piloting around small trails to find the perfect stop for the night demands both comfort and performance. With this kit your Tenere 700 delivers that.
Package Contents:
  • Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit
  • Ohlins Front Fork Springs - pair (please select your choice from the drop down menu)
    • 08424-80
    • 08424-90
  • Ohlins Fork Oil- 1Ltr (01309-01)



Technical data
  • Length: 923mm mm
  • Stroke: 210mm mm
  • Position: front
  • Spring series: 08424-series
  • Recommended oil: 01309-01
  • Oil level mm: 70mm
  • Packaging unit: pair



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