Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin - Starter Pack

Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin - Starter Pack

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Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin - Starter Pack

The General Cleaner is the 1st product to be released by Proper Cleaner. It's designed primarily for cleaning Push Bikes, but it'll have a good go at most things!

Guy Martin & the team exstensively tested this stuff. We always use soft brushes to remove the stubborn stuff, so went for a formulation that is kind to all finishes.

Whether it's a Road, Mountain, Gravel bike, or something in between our General Cleaner is the tool for the job.

Just fill your bottle with your own water (750ml), drop in a complete capsule, give it 30 seconds & a shake and it’s reet.

The liquid is fully biodegradable, alkaline based & it’s not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates. It’s safe to use on all surfaces, including carbon fibre & anodized parts, nor will it affect the performance of your disc brakes. You get 1.5 litres of cleaner, but because we’re not shipping you 1.5 litres of liquid it has a smaller carbon footprint than other cleaners on the market & the technology behind it is trick!

Whats in the kit?

  • 750 ml bottle and 2 Capsules (making 750 ml each).

Product Information

  • Price: Equivalent to just £4.33 per litre!!!
  • Safe to use on all parts and surfaces, including carbon fibre, anodized parts & rubber seals.
  • Disc rotor & pad friendly.
  • Alkaline based & contains no solvents, acids or CFCs Liquid is 100% biodegradable.
  • Capsules can be used up to 3 years after the date on the back of the resealable pouch.
  • Not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates.
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.




Adhere to safety instructions on the bottle, do not drink or get into your eyes - aim at what you're cleaning!


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