Samco Silicon Hose Kit with Clamps - BLUE - CRF1000 (all models)

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BLUE - SamcoSport Silicon Hose Kit for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Kit comes complete with the 5 main coolant hoses AND 10 stainless steel JCS hose clamps. 




Silicone hoses operate at much higher temperatures and pressures than other rubbers, they don’t perish, and they look great. If you are tuning your engine and pushing it to its limit, you don’t want your hoses to let you down –that’s why Formula One teams choose SamcoSport.

SamcoSport are the innovators and world leaders in silicone hose. If you want the best Silicone Hoses, choose SamcoSport.

As used by many top Superbike, MXGP, AMA Supercross & FMX Freestyle teams than any other hose manufacturer including HM Plant Honda and MSS Kawasaki , SamcoSport offers a great range of race-tested, direct-replacement silicone hose kits offering many benefits over factory fitted hoses.  Available for a wide range of motorbikes both in Motorsport and Fast Road use, SamcoSport Motorbike hoses offer longer life and extreme durability at the high temperature & pressure seen on well-tuned machines. 


Please see Samco Motorbike Kit Brochure



All SamcoSport hoses are made by hand in the UK and each hose is 100% visually inspected before it leaves the factory.

All our hoses meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20 & are manufactured under an ISO 9002:2000 quality system.

Our hoses are made from the finest European silicones specifically designed for automotive use, and our light blue SamTek® lining used on all hoses has delivered outstanding resistance in the harshest environments over the last 12 years experience

We are proud of our permanently staffed laboratory (unique within the performance hose world) specifically set up for the testing & development of silicone hose.



SamcoSport is the original performance hose brand and we pioneered the development of the direct replacement aftermarket hose kit. 

We offer the most comprehensive range of kits (450+ applications) and standard parts available in the marketplace today.

Our design engineers extensively research each new kit to ensure the best fitment & the most accurate design.


Click on the virtual hose explorer to see what makes SamcoSport hoses are the best.



We are proud of our permanently staffed laboratory (unique within the performance hose world) specifically set up for the testing & development of silicone hose.

Our reputation is based on the performance of our hoses and that confidence is derived from our fully equipped laboratory where testing and evaluation is carried out. All new designs of hoses are tested to ensure that they meet our high standards. We are able to test a number of aspects of hose performance including endurance testing, burst testing and cyclic vibration testing.

This testing, together with feedback from customers and our ongoing development programme, enables us to provide unrivalled quality in the performance hose market.



What temperatures do Samco hoses work to?

Samco hoses are made from premium grade silicone which means each hose can comfortably handle over 180°C, perfect for race-intensity temperatures – this is the number one reason so many Pro teams run Samco.

What sort of pressure rating can you expect?

Each hose has a minimum of 3 layers of silicone which allows for extreme pressure resistance – often with a operating pressure to burst pressure safety ratio of over 300%

How easy are Samco hoses to install?

Samco hoses are an easy and quick install – needing nothing more than a screwdriver to fit. You can improve the reliability, performance and appearance of your bike within an hour or two. Single piece “Y” hoses are a simple one-piece install compared to more complex OEM assemblies.

How reliable are the hoses in race conditions?

Compared to stiff/perished OEM hoses or solid radiator pipe, Samco hoses not only offer great flexibility and antivibration characteristics, preventing leaks when pushing the bike hard in terms of RPM or jumps, but in the case of a crash, the hoses strength and flexibility hugely increase your chances of getting straight back on a bike who’s coolant system is still in one piece.

Are there any other advantages of running Samco besides the performance and looks?

With our in-house development team working closely with top race teams, Samco hoses are often designed to replace multiple OEM hose assembles which contain restrictions to flow. Our unique “zero-block” tooling ensures all hoses are made free from flashing to maximise your coolant flow, lowering temperature and preventing power loss.

Is there any performance advantage of running Samco over my original OEM hoses?

An efficient cooling system is key to maintaining horse power - especially when a bike is being pushed hard. Overheating MX bikes loose power – fitting Samco hoses can reduce the operating temperature of the bike by up to 8 dgerees - which can mean gain of a horse power or two! Samco hoses insulate far better than stock hose, ensuring heat is taken away from the engine, to the radiator, allowing the radiator to work on the maximum temperature differential, which makes it more efficient.

Who uses Samco hoses?

Samco is not only a supplier to KTM Hardparts, we sponsor many MX teams including Kawasaki Europe, CLS Kawasaki, KTM UK, Oakleaf Kawasaki, LPE Kawasaki, HM Plant Honda, STR, SR75 World Team plus overseas including Troy Lee Designs in the USA.

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