Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket (Dual Power)

Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket (Dual Power)

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Heated Jackets

Stay warm with Keis heated jackets. Keis heated jackets are perfect for keeping you warm during the cold months. The latest heat generation technology offers comfort and reliability for outdoor activities.

Our heated jackets are ideal for both men and women. Breathable lightweight soft shell fabric with elasticated side panels provide a great fit.

Designed to be worn as a heated under layer. Heat panels are strategically positioned on the chest, back, arms and collar to provide extreme warmth.

Keis Heated Jackets come with dedicated zipped pockets for power cables and storage of the Heat Controller. Keeping things tidy and easy to find.


Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket (Dual Power)

Stay warm whilst riding, the Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket combines the very latest heat generation technology with a super lightweight, stylish design.

What’s new:

  • Lighter, thinner construction for a more streamline fit under your motorcycle jacket.
  • The very latest Micro Carbon Fibre heat pads for advanced heat radiation, providing an even layer of heat across the targeted chest, back, arms and collar areas.
  • More leisure pockets and a dedicated heat controller pocket, for increased convenience and ease of use.
  • Free Keis Heat Controller worth £34.99 with your Keis V501 Premium Heated Vest.

Please Note:  This is a Dual-Power garment, and as such can be powered via the supplied vehicle wiring harness or via a Keis portable battery pack.


What’s Included: 

  • Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket
  • Keis Vehicle Supply Loom
  • Instructions - Download instructions
  • Heat Controller

Please Note:  Battery packs are optional extras.


Detailed Product Info

  • The very latest heat generation technology, using Micro Carbon Fibre for extreme comfort and reliability.
  • The latest design in breathable lightweight soft shell fabric, with stylish elasticated side panels provide a perfect fit for men and women.
  • Designed to be worn as an inside layer or stylish outer jacket.
  • Dedicated zipped pockets for cables and Controller to keep things tidy and easy to find.
  • Convenient lifestyle pockets for increased practicality.
  • Strategically positioned heat panels on chest, kidneys, arms and collar provide extreme warmth.
  • Complete with all required wiring and full easy to follow instructions.
  • Available in Black, with red side panels, and complete with motorcycle/vehicle wiring harness.
  • Free Heat Controller included, worth £35.00.
  • Current Draw 5.5A. Typical Power 66W.

Please Note: 

  1. Not suitable for use with the 2600mAh Li-Ion Portable Battery Packs. Can be powered by the larger 5200mAh Keis Portable Battery, for limited periods depending on the chosen heat setting.
  2. Can also be powered via the Keis Cigarette Lighter/DIN Power Supply Lead (available as an optional accessory) - NOT on a BMW motorcycle, due to the 5Amp limit to their DIN power socket (the jacket draws 5.5Amps).
  3. Due to the elasticated side panels you may find you need to order the chest size smaller for a snug fit.



Sizing is Continental so please see the conversion chart to select your correct fitment.



Keis Warranties

  • LIFETIME warranty on all heating elements (For products purchased on or after September 2014)
  • 3-year Warranty on Keis Accessories
  • 180 Day Warranty on Rechargeable Batteries.
  • One-Year Warranty on the rest.
  • Remember to register your Keis garment, to activate the warranty. Go to: 

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