Kriega Haul Loop - Front

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Attatches to your forks to provide a semi rigid pulling point. Made from ultratough Hypalon, lined with Toughtek which grips wet or dry. Comes with stainless steel buckles in one size fits all. Perfect for extreme enduro and adventure riding.

You know the feeling as the bikes front end gently sinks downwards into that unseen bog, or your line choice doesnt turn out to be quite what you had hoped on that steep rocky climb...The cry goes out,' give us a hand!'. But what to pull on with one hand that doesnt mess with your steering or cover your new found assistant with roost from the back wheel? We think we've found the answer!!!

Intended for Enduro racing, where you often have to coax your bike out of trouble or over obstacles using manpower, the Kriega Haul Loop is an extremely strong, semi-rigid strap that fit onto any motorbike forks. The rigidity makes them stand proud of the forks, making it easy to grasp without needing to look for them, while materials like Hypalon and Toughtek fabrics along with big stainless steel buckles mean they’ll support the weight of even the largest of dual sport adventure bikes.


Taking a heavy motorbike offroad can be a bit daunting. What if you get stuck in the mud? What if you take a tumble down a bank into the undergrowth? How would you get it out with no other help on hand? Fit a Kreiga haul loop in case you need to manhandle the bike through any problem.

  • Semi-rigid design.
  • Ultra-tough Hypalon.
  • Toughtek – grips wet or dry.
  • Stainless steel buckles.
  • Universal fit – front only.

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