Touratech has been manufacturing high-quality motorcycle accessories for more than 30 years. Demanding motorcycle travelers from all over the world appreciate the quality of the indestructible parts. Around 350 motorcycle enthusiasts work at the Niedereschach headquarters to ensure that new ideas are always turned into the best products for fantastic motorcycle experiences.

History & Roots

The Touratech story starts with two inventors. At first, motorcycle globetrotters Herbert Schwarz and Jochen Schanz began developing motorcycle equipment for their own use only. The hobby quickly became a profession - and a little later a company. Touratech was founded in 1990. The high-quality products developed on the basis of intensive practical experience hit the nerve of the fast-growing motorcycle travel scene in the early 1990s.

Employees with travel experience

Then as now, Touratech products are manufactured in Niedereschach. However, over the past three decades the two-man operation has become an international company. Around 350 colleagues are now working to develop the best motorcycle accessories. They are all highly qualified specialists in their field, but one thing the Touratech family has in common to this day: their enthusiasm for motorcycle travel. Almost every employee is passionate about riding a motorcycle in their free time. Out on the tracks, new ideas for even better products are always emerging.

State of the art technologies

In addition to the high qualification of its employees, Touratech relies on the latest technologies. For example, while the comfort seats are manufactured in the traditional saddlery manner, the most modern production centers and robots ensure precision and efficiency in sheet metal and tube constructions. This unique synthesis of craftsmanship and highly automated high-tech production allows Touratech to manufacture the majority of all components at its headquarters in Niedereschach and thus to keep the quality promise “Made in Germany” in the future. Tailored portfolio for adventure bikers In line with the motto “Made for Adventure”, the Touratech portfolio is consistently geared towards equipping adventure bikes and the corresponding rider equipment. Protectors, luggage systems with aluminum panniers and textile bags, seats, windshields, high-quality suspension components and many other products are available for the individual upgrading of Adventure Bikes. And in the field of rider equipment, Touratech has also developed its own range of high-quality products tailored to the needs of motorcycle travelers, from helmets to boots and gloves to the Compañero family's textile suits.

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Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme CRF1100L 2020>

Product no.: 01-403-5877-0

£1,447.50 *

Touratech Hand Guards DEFENSA Expedition CRF1100L

Product no.: 01-403-5651-0P

£154.40 *

Touratech Rear-View Mirror Adventure Folding M10x1.25

Product no.: 01-040-0771-0

£28.88 *

Touratech SKF Fork Seal & Dust Cover KIT - 45S

Product no.: 01-058-0222-0

£38.53 *

Touratech Pivot Pegz - Mark3 CRF1100 & ADV Sport

Product no.: 01-040-5519-0

£183.38 *

Touratech ZEGA Topcase / Luggage Rack CRF1100L <2021

Product no.: 01-403-5455-0

£164.06 *

Touratech Chain Guard Fin - CRF1100L &amp; Adv Sport

Product no.: 01-403-5305-0

£48.19 *

Touratech Brake Lever Extension - CRF1100 & Adv Sport

Product no.: 01-403-5390-0

£38.53 *

Touratech Hand Guard GD - White CRF1100L & Adv Sport

Product no.: 01-402-5654-0

£106.12 *

Touratech Hand Guard GD - Black CRF1100L & Adv Sport

Product no.: 01-402-5650-0

£106.12 *

Touratech Windscreen, Height S, Tinted - CRF1100L

Product no.: 01-403-6202-0

£135.09 *

Touratech Windscreen, Height M, Tinted - CRF1100L

Product no.: 01-403-6212-0

£135.09 *

Touratech Windscreen, Height S, Transparent - CRF1100L

Product no.: 01-403-6200-0

£125.44 *

Touratech Windscreen, Height L, Transparent - CRF1100L

Product no.: 01-403-6220-0

£144.75 *

Touratech Hand Guards DEFENSA Pure - CRF1100L & Adv Sport

Product no.: 01-403-5650-0

£115.78 *

Touratech Discovery Luggage System Black Edition

Product no.: 01-055-1288-0

£385.29 *

Touratech Tank bag Ibarra Midi

Product no.: 01-055-1286-0

£173.73 *

Touratech Handlebar bag "Ibarra Smart"

Product no.: 01-055-1285-0

£83.95 *
In stock

Touratech Hand Guards DEFENSA Expedition Tenere 700

Product no.: 01-632-5651-0P

£154.40 *

Touratech Tank Bag Ambato Pure - Yamaha Tenere 700

Product no.: 01-632-5802-0

£135.09 *

Touratech Tank Bag Ambato Exp - Yamaha Tenere 700

Product no.: 01-632-5800-0

£202.70 *

Touratech SKF Fork Seal + Dust Cover 43mm Tenere 700

Product no.: 01-058-0232-0

£38.53 *

Touratech Chain Guard - Black - Tenere 700

Product no.: 01-632-5045-0

£77.15 *

Touratech Engine Guard ”Expedition” Tenere 700 EURO5

Product no.: 01-632-5142-0

£288.73 *

AirMan ResQ Scout VT Tyre Repair Kit

Product no.: 01-070-6015-0

£42.16 *

Compressor AirMan Tour

Product no.: 01-070-6005-0

£25.26 *

Touratech 2 Litre Fuel Canister

Product no.: 01-070-0580-0

£16.82 *

Touratech Toolbox with Engine Crash Bar - Complete T7

Product no.: 01-632-5165-0

£385.29 *
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241 - 300 of 343 results