Facet Fuel Pump

Facet Fuel Pump

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from on 19/12/2017
I was running my 1990 AT with that pump 20k miles from Europe toAsia. Did a perfect job and still going strong.
from on 15/04/2015
My 2002 Honda Varadero now has 30,000 miles on the clock and the original fuel pump has failed twice in this time due to points failure. The fitting of this solid state Facet pump has not only taken away this point of failure but has retuned the original smooth running and increased the enjoyment of riding the bike. With the original OEM item costing around £160 this item is simply fantastic at £40. Rugged Roads delivery was also extremely fast.


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Inline Fuel Filter Inline Fuel Filter
£5.00 *
Fuel 90° Union for Facet Fuel Pump Fuel 90° Union for Facet Fuel Pump
£3.99 *
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