MOTOREX has provided its customers with the very highest-quality products and services for more than 100 years. This top quality and experience make MOTOREX a reliable partner to SMEs and industry, as well as to cyclists and motorcyclists – both professional and amateur.


By implementing consistent quality assurance at every level of the company, MOTOREX is able to provide impressive products and services of outstanding quality. The modern MOTOREX laboratory controls the quality of the raw materials used as well as ensuring leading-edge expertise based on dedicated research and development.


For many years, MOTOREX has collaborated closely with manufacturers and racing teams in order to provide professional and amateur athletes in cycling and motorcycling with the best products and up-to-date expertise. Riders and teams using MOTOREX lubricants have won more than 100 world championships organised by the international motorcycling federation FIM!



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MOTOREX Coolant M5.0 Ready to Use 1L

Product no.: 7300442

£14.98 *

MOTOREX Ethanol Treatment 250ml

Product no.: 7300555

£16.95 *
In stock

MOTOREX Moto Clean Plus 360 Atomiser 1Ltr

Product no.: 7300605

£18.95 *
In stock

MOTOREX Quick Cleaner "Refill Me" 60ml

Product no.: 7300609

£8.75 *
In stock

MOTOREX Quick Cleaner 360 Atomiser 500ml

Product no.: 7300610

£15.49 *
In stock

MOTOREX Moto Shine MS1 - 500ml

Product no.: 7300623

£13.95 *
In stock

MOTOREX Moto Protect (Over Winter Storage) 360 Aerosol 500ml

Product no.: 7300615

£15.95 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube ADVENTURE (With PTFE) White - 500ml

Product no.: 7300395

£16.50 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube ADVENTURE (With PTFE) White - 200ml

Product no.: 7300390

£10.99 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube ROAD White - 500ml

Product no.: 7300415

£15.00 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube ROAD "Refill Me" White - 56ml

Product no.: 7300410

£7.99 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube OFF-ROAD Clear - 500ml

Product no.: 7300405

£15.00 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chainlube OFF-ROAD "Refill Me" Clear - 56ml

Product no.: 7300400

£8.00 *
In stock

MOTOREX Chain Clean Aerosol - 500ml

Product no.: 7300435

£11.99 *
In stock

MOTOREX Power Brake Clean 360 Aerosol 750ml

Product no.: 7300536

£12.98 *
Out Of Stock

MOTOREX Power Clean (Rubber Safe Contact Cleaner) - 500ml

Product no.: 7300515

£9.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX Joker 440 Synthetic Spray - Dual Nozzle 500ml

Product no.: 7300491

£13.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX Carburetor Cleaner (Cat Suitable) Aerosol 500ml

Product no.: 7300525

£12.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX System Guard (For Services) (Treats 30L) 125ml

Product no.: 7300550

£8.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX Fuel Stabilizer (For Storage) (Treats 30L) 125ml

Product no.: 7300560

£8.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX Protex Waterproofing Spray 500ml

Product no.: 7300645

£15.98 *
In stock

MOTOREX Helmet Care (Active Foam) 200ml

Product no.: 7300630

£15.98 *
In stock
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