In Enduristan, equipment is made for a purpose. A bike overloaded with equipment you don’t need for sure looks impressive, but apart from your petrol tank and your cylinders, volume doesn't bring much of an advantage. 

Basically, when we are touring, we only take what we need. But that what we do take must fulfill its purpose without any compromise! And it must be a robust high quality product. We are not keen to offer the most products, we want to offer you the best products. Products, which deliver what they promise - wherever you ride!

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Enduristan - Can Holster / Chain Lube Holster

Product no.: LUBO-002

£18.90 *
RRP £27.00
In stock

Enduristan - Isolation Bag - 7.5Ltr

Product no.: LUOR-001

£15.40 *
RRP £22.00
In stock

Enduristan - Small Parts Organizer - 2Ltr

Product no.: LUOR-002

£27.23 *
RRP £39.00
In stock

Enduristan - Tornado 2 - Pack Sack

Product no.: LUPA-003

from £55.00 *
RRP £110.00

Enduristan - XS Base Pack

Product no.: LUPA-006

from £54.60 *
RRP £91.00

Enduristan Luggage Repair Kit

Product no.: LURE-001

£15.00 *
RRP £20.00
In stock

Enduristan - Lyndon's Hurricane Hydro

Product no.: LURU-005

In stock

Enduristan - Energy Pack

Product no.: LURO-504

£12.60 *
RRP £18.00
In stock

Enduristan - Zipper Lube - 10g Tube

Product no.: LURE-003

£6.75 *
RRP £9.00
In stock

Enduristan - Seam Grip 2x7g

Product no.: LURE-002

£8.25 *
RRP £11.00
In stock

Enduristan - Monsoon EVO Pannier

Product no.: LUSA-008

from £265.00 *
RRP £379.00
In stock

Enduristan - Handlebar Bag

Product no.: LUHA-00

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