Overland Fuel

Overland Fuel

OVERLAND FUEL - The Toughest Jerry Cans In The World
Overland Fuel is the OEM manufacturer of overland fuel cans and water Jerry cans for the adventure and specialist market. We proudly produce the Elephant Brand the toughest jerry cans in the world.


Overland cans - Technically superior
How did we get here? Well we travelled extensively by different means and with different equipment, both on-road and off-road by Land Rovers, motorcycles and an expedition prepared Unimog. 
We camped, trailed, dived and so on, and naturally we used equipment and gadgets throughout our travels but we got frustrated so many times with cheap and expensive stuff that we bought and it let us down.
So we decided to manufacture the best jerry cans there is to carry fuel and water - and - That’s why we offer you the best on the market!

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Overland Fuel - 4.5Ltr Fuel Canister

Product no.: OF--X-4.5L

£67.50 *
In stock

Overland Fuel - 4.5Ltr Water Canister BLUE

Product no.: OFW--B-4.5L

£47.50 *
Out Of Stock

Overland Fuel - Double Handle Core Mount

Product no.: OFM-DH-B

£45.00 *
In stock

Overland Fuel - Locking Mount

Product no.: OFM-L-B

£62.50 *
In stock

Overland Fuel - Mount Extension

Product no.: OFM-EXT

£32.50 *
In stock
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