Every good idea starts with a problem. We started Firepot in the belief that there must be a way to make delicious, ethically-made expedition food that wasn’t filled with chemicals. Not finding any in the shops, our founder decided to make his own, and set out with friends to cross Greenland armed with a pack full of meals. At the end of the trip, he had a few left over and gave them to hikers arriving at Kangerlussuaq airport. Those same people called a few weeks later to ask for more, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2017, Firepot launched in a small kitchen in a thatched Dorset barn, with the same four recipes that crossed Greenland. As our home-cooked meals ventured to the far corners of the Earth, our community exploded. In five years, we’ve gone from a one-man operation to a team of 16 distributing food to 34 different countries. With the support of an incredible grassroots community, a Firepot meal is now eaten somewhere in the world every 40 seconds. 

As we grow, we’re committed to the principles we started out with: making delicious food, using fresh, local ingredients, and sustainable practices.



Cooked by hand
We have always stuck to the simple quality that comes from doing things slowly: something the fast-food economy forgot.

Fresh ingredients are chopped and stirred by hand by our team of trained chefs. They use recipes which were developed over months to ensure that meals arrive in your bowl just as they would in your own kitchen — delicious and perfectly cooked, with nutritional integrity.

Unlike other expedition food brands, Firepot meals are dehydrated, not freeze-dried.

Dehydration is a means of air-drying. Our dryers were designed in-house and use warm air to remove the moisture from our food. This gentle process helps us to retain the texture of a home-cooked dish, avoids the need for preservatives, and it ensures that the drying process is less energy-intensive. It’s a method that sets Firepot apart from every competitor in the market.  

Firepot's commitment to sustainability is at the heart of every meal. Honouring our West Country roots, we use high quality fresh ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. Our British pork and beef come through award-winning butchers and west country farms. We operate a zero-waste policy; and all our off-cuts go into the compost heap.

In 2018, Firepot also debuted the outdoor food market’s first fully compostable packaging, and we have even found a way to repurpose our standard, yellow pouches.

Award-winning menu
Firepot’s growing menu currently includes a range of 18 recipes to suit every palate. It is the only award-winning expedition food brand, and has been recognised in a class with restaurant-cooked meals every year since our launch in 2017.

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FIREPOT - Orzo Pasta Bolognese

Product no.: ORZBOL

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Chilli con Carne and Rice

Product no.: CHILLI

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Dal and Rice with Spinach

Product no.: DAL

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Product no.: RIS

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Posh Pork and Beans

Product no.: BEANS

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Beef Stew with Pearl Barley

Product no.: BEEF

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Spicy Pork Noodles

Product no.: NOOD

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Vegan Orzo Bolognese

Product no.: VORZO

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Posh Baked Beans

Product no.: VBEANS

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Chilli Non Carne and Rice

Product no.: VCHILLI

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Baked Apple Porridge

Product no.: APPLE

from £7.49 *

FIREPOT - Toasted Banana Porridge

Product no.: TBP

from £7.49 *

FIREPOT - Chicken Keema Curry

Product no.: CURRY

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Barbecued Pulled Pork

Product no.: PULL

from £9.49 *

FIREPOT - Green Gumbo

Product no.: GUMBO

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Mac'n'Greens

Product no.: MACGREENS

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Smoky Tomato Paella

Product no.: PAELLA

from £8.49 *

FIREPOT - Tuscan Stew

Product no.: TUSCAN

from £8.49 *
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