FIREPOT - Orzo Pasta Bolognese

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FIREPOT - Orzo Pasta Bolognese


Slow-cooked British beef in a rich tomato sauce, combined with oregano, star anise and orzo, a rice-shaped pasta.




Comfort Food in the Wild

Out in the middle of the wilderness we are all greedy for a proper, home-cooked meal. So we decided to create a nutritious and filling dish the whole family would love, including the kids.

Our Orzo Bolognese is made with slow-cooked British beef using our tried-and-trusted family recipe.

The sauce is rich and meaty, delicately balanced with oregano and star anise.

Partnered with orzo — tiny, rice-shaped pasta — this meal is a taste of real Italian comfort food, wherever your adventure takes you.

Comes in two pack sizes - please choose between the 135g Regular, or 200g Extra-Large

  • Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)
  • Calories: 635kcal (regular) / 940kcal (extra-large)
  • Water usage: 325ml (regular) / 490ml (extra-large) 
  • Ingredients: Beef mince (30%), orzo (durum wheat semolina), tomatoes, onion, garlic, tomato puree, olive oil, salt, beef stock, bay leaves, oregano, pepper, star anise, citric acid
  • Allergens: Wheat




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