K-Tech Linear Shock Spring - CRF300L & CRF300 Rally

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K-Tech linear shock springs are manufactured from the highest grade chrome silicone wire, each spring is cold-coiled, heat-treated, pre-set and ground to length.

Phosphate coating is then applied to protect against corrosion and then powder coated before the part number is applied. All springs are manufactured to DIN 2095 grade1.

Linear-rate springs are evenly wound from top to bottom so that the force (road surface bumps and potholes, acceleration and braking) remains the same from the initial input right through to when the springs won’t compress any further whereas  progressive springs are wound closer at one end and further apart at the other.

Linear springs give you the ability to fine tune the suspension closer to your specific weight, rather than using progressive springs which will always be a compromise as they are manufactured to work over a much wider weight range.

The K-Tech Suspension R&D team have developed these springs over a period of extensive research and testing on the CRF300 Rally, having found the OEM Honda shock springs does not allow for a good sag measurement while still having any usable preload adjustment once the rider is mounted.

All springs have their rate laser etched on the end and are manufactured to DIN 2095 grade 1.

  • Cold-coiled
  • Heat-treated
  • Tempered
  • Shot-peened
  • Ground ends
  • Zinc phosphate coated
  • Epoxy powder coated Red
  • Part number etched


  • Honda CRF300 Rally - all years
  • Honda CRF300L - all years

Please choose your Rider weight from the drop down menu, and the correct shock spring will be selected.

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