UNIFilter Air Filter Kit - Honda CRF300L / Rally

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UNI Foam Air filters give the maximum protection in avoiding the problem of fine dust and dirt particles getting through the air filter and into the intake system with potentially serious consequences for your engine.

Desert racers have been relying on these reusable foam air filters for years as no paper filter can provide the same amount of protection in the dirt - UNIFilter manufacture filters for KTM, Yamaha and Suzuki.

The filters can be washed and re-used pretty much indefinitely, keeping your engine safe and letting it breathe to its maximum potential.

If you ride off-road, don't take any risks with the corrugated paper air filters in your Honda CRF300.

Designed, developed, manufactured, and extensively tested in Australia - where they know a bit about dust and dirt!!


Honda CRF300L Unifilter with filter and prefilters

The long-awaited Unifilter air filter solution for the CRF300L is now available, the AU4138KIT utilises a polyurethane frame and seal to ensure the best seal possible while dual layer corrugated air filter foam ensures the dust is kept out of your machine.

Features include the ‘Dual Stage’ filter layers, polyurethane seal technology, 100% increase in filter surface area using corrugated foam, re-usable, Australian Made and supplied with spare outer foam and prefilters.

This is the only foam air filter available for the CRF 300L. There is no better air filter available. Foam air filters are the best filtering air filter for dirt bikes. As well as filtering more dirt they also provide improved flow over the standard paper filter.

The inner main filter attaches to the air box similar to a rubber grommet. This provides a perfect seal between the air box and filter. The corrugated outer work stage attaches via two velcro tabs. The outer layer is easily removed for servicing.

CRF300L Intake Snorkel Pre-Cleaners. These pre-cleaner socks slide into the air box intake snorkel. The pre-cleaner attaches to the snorkel with the cable tie supplied.

This is the best air filter option available for your Honda CRF300.

Designed, tested & made in Australia to protect your engine from the world's harshest conditions.

This complete kit for the Honda CRF300 contains the main two stage filter and and two x pre-filter snorkel inserts.  

  • Fits the following Honda models:
    • Honda CRF300L (2021 onwards)
    • Honda CRF300L Rally (2021 onwards)
  • Best possible protection for fine dust, sand & dirt
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Made in Australia by UNIFilter

This air filter kit is fully servicable.

What's in the kit:

  • 1 x Replacement 2 stage air filter
  • 1 x Replacement air filter Outer Stage Only
  • 2 x Intake Snorkel Pre Cleaners
  • Installation instructions




About UNIFilter

UNIFilter Australia is a totally Australian-owned family company business.

The company commenced operations in 1976 as an importer of motorcycle air filters and components. In 1988 the company commenced production in its’ then Sydney factory. By 1991 it had outgrown the original Sydney factory and moved the operation to Hornsby. In 2006, again the production had outgrown the factory and warehouse so the production, warehousing and administration was moved to the New South Wales Central Coast into 2 purpose built factory units. Today the production is operated using state of the art CNC laser and router equipment to provide not only our “Unifilter” brand but original equipment filters for Yamaha, Suzuki, Nitto, Stihl and KTM.

We are a company proud of our capabilities, providing not only manufactured air filters but providing design and technology for many automotive and industrial companies. We only use premium raw materials in our manufacturing process and wherever possible support “Australian Made” in our materials and packaging.

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