Product no.: AX1622

This HARD model has been developed to protect the engine block and the tank from heavy impacts.Made from 8mm thick HDPE plastic

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Product no.: 01-414-5456-0

Made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed for the Husqvarna attachment points, the Topcase rack is the perfect way to attach ZEGA Evo and ZEGA Pro Topcases to your bike.

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Product no.: 01-040-6711-0

 These hand protectors are made of virtually indestructible plastic; they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection and can easily be fitted.




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Product no.: 01-372-5651-0P

The Touratech Defensa offers reliable protection for handlebar fittings and hands, so that a minor mishap does not turn into a major problem.

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Product no.: 01-414-5163-0

This crash bar extension from Touratech makes expensive fairing damage a thing of the past. The extension protects the upper part of the fairing while also preventing damage to the radiator and forks.

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Product no.: 01-414-5861-0

 The Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme is a suspension strut for the fork and top end in terms of suspension technology.

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