Kove Rally 450 PRO

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KOVE Rally 450R (PRO)The Ultimate Race-Ready Rally Machine

The Rally PRO is only available in Red & White. with 30 Litre fuel capacity spread over 2 front tanks and a single rear tank, complete with full carbon fibre sump guard.

Your order is for the initial £1000 deposit with the balance of £12500 payable on receipt of the bike.  The total price is £13500 which includes UK VAT.

​All models will need to be road registered for an additional £160 which includes UK legal numberplate and 12 months Vehicle Tax.



The KOVE 450 RALLY is the bike that dreams are made of; before Kove emerged on the scene, a bike like this would have been unobtanium. Purpose-built rally-raid machines simply didn’t exist outside of the factory paddocks at the rally races on the other side of the globe.

Now, with the KOVE 450 RALLY, you too can own and enjoy a true rally motorcycle!

Engineered from day one to cover long distances in comfort, the KOVE delivers unparalleled range with a combined 8 gallon fuel capacity. The fuel is distributed between three fuel tanks, all mounted as low as possible for an optimum center of gravity.

The DOHC 450 powerplant is tuned to chug out reliable torque and power for weeks on end, with a large oil capacity for long maintenance intervals.

Everything is wrapped together in rally-ready bodywork that is easily removable by Dzus fasteners.

The KOVE 450 RALLY PRO RACE edition is ready to compete in any rally-raid event on the globe. In fact, 3 PRO RACE editions entered and finished the grueling 2023 Dakar Rally, which was considered by all to be the toughest Dakar in at least the last decade!

KOVE believes in racing what they sell and selling what they race, so the PRO RACE edition is EXACTLY the same as the bikes that conquered the Dakar!

The PRO RACE model is based on the standard model with every upgrade needed for rally racing. Read on to learn about how to turn your rally dreams into reality!

kove 450 rally pro race in dakar

Before KOVE entered the scene, a bike like the KOVE 450 RALLY was the stuff of fantasies – the unattainable dream. The reality of owning a rally-raid bike designed with a specific purpose was a far-off concept, only existing within the confines of the professional racing paddocks located on the world’s far side. However, the advent of the 450 RALLY has rewritten this narrative, bringing the dream of possessing a legitimate rally motorcycle within reach!

From its inception, the KOVE was engineered with an emphasis on comfortably traversing extensive distances. It boasts an unmatched fuel capacity of 8 gallons, divided evenly across three low-mounted fuel tanks to ensure an op

timal center of gravity. The bike’s Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) 450 engine is fine-tuned to consistently deliver dependable power and torque over prolonged periods. Additionally, it comes with a sizeable oil capacity that extends the intervals between maintenance.

The entire assembly is cloaked in rally-optimized bodywork that can be swiftly removed via Dzus fasteners. With the 450 RALLY, you don’t just get a bike, you get a dream come true – a true embodiment of rally spirit!

kove 450 rally pro race in taklimakan rally

Primed and ready to take on any rally-raid event around the world, the KOVE 450 RALLY PRO RACE edition is a force to be reckoned with. Cementing its reliability and resilience, three PRO RACE editions fearlessly tackled and successfully completed the notoriously challenging 2023 Dakar Rally. This race was unanimously recognized as the toughest Dakar iteration witnessed in at least the past ten years!

KOVE firmly stands by the principle of racing the products they sell and selling the products they race. As such, the PRO RACE edition you can purchase mirrors, down to the last detail, the very bikes that triumphed in the Dakar challenge.

The PRO RACE variant takes the standard model and elevates it, integrating every upgrade necessary for an unparalleled rally racing experience. Keep reading to discover how you can transform your rally aspirations into tangible reality!




The PRO RACE edition equips you with all the essentials for a thrilling rally racing adventure.

A sleek carbon fiber navigation tower, designed to secure directly to the frame, serves as the perfect holder for all your navigation tools, positioning them at the ideal angle for convenient viewing.

In addition, the package includes a pre-wired roadbook holder, complete with a handlebar-mounted thumb switch. This unique feature allows for effortless advancing of the roadbook and simple adjustments to the odometer mileage.

The PRO RACE edition indeed leaves no stone unturned in your quest for rally racing excellence.


kove 450 pro race carbon fiber nav tower  



To deliver a significant surge in power and torque, the PRO RACE edition is equipped with a high-performance ECU boasting a more assertive mapping.

Harmonizing with this enhanced tuning is a complete Titanium race exhaust system, specifically designed to maximize engine breathing and foster rapid revving.

This strategic combination effectively unlocks a whole new realm of power, ensuring the PRO RACE edition stands out as a superior beast of the rally racing world.

kove 450 pro race full titanium exhaust