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Since being launched in late 2000 Pivot Pegz® have undergone continual development and testing by some of the worlds best riders and the latest Mark 4 version is the best yet.

You get a wide 60mm platform, state-of-the-art grip pattern, unique platform design and spring loaded pivoting action. The pivoting action uses a high grade self-centering spring to regulate the motion of the peg. This all adds up to enhanced grip and load distribution combined with reduced impact and fatigue.

Pivot Pegz are also designed to reduce mud packing. As for the quality, it’s world class, quite simply our aim is to build the best performing and highest quality production footpegs in the world.

Here's the rundown:

Pivot Pegz® have a unique & precisely tuned spring loaded pivoting action that actively tracks with the motion of the rider's feet. They are a TÜV certified, award winning product built to the highest standards and used by thousands of riders worldwide. The race proven pivoting action improves grip, comfort & control while actively reducing impact and fatigue.


Pivot Pegz are precision built and backed by our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We use state of the art investment casting processes and high strength double heat treated aerospace grade stainless steel. The Pegz are then precision CNC machined and electro-polished to a high grade finish before finally having the exterior hand polished to a mirror finish. The results are obvious - just check out the pictures throughout our website.

A high quality German made BUSH is used internally and ample amounts of a superior quality saltwater proof grease is added to keep everything running smoothly. The unit has O-ring seals at both ends of the pivot shaft to protect the internals and to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. If and when maintenance is required it's a very easy task due to the simple and proven design.

The strength and durability of Pivot Pegz has been proven many times by many riders throughout the world and we regularly receive testimonials from customers praising the quality and strength of the product. The Dakar Rally is one of the most gruelling off-road events in the world and Pivot Pegz passed the test with flying colors.

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  • 60mm wide platform
  • Aerospace grade stainless steel
  • Double heat treated
  • Electro-polished
  • Patented design
  • O-ring sealed
  • Spring loaded pivot action
  • High grip tooth pattern
  • Wide, open design
  • Adjustable height (most models)
  • Polished mirror finish
  • Embossed brand name
  • Precision built
  • High strength
  • High durability
  • Optional springless pivoting action


  • Enhanced bike feel
  • Better bike control
  • Smoother body weight transfer
  • Reduced body jarring
  • Better balance and traction
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Superior foothold
  • Maximum load distribution
  • Easier gear shifts
  • Easier rear brake access
  • Extended boot life
  • Race proven design
  • Race proven durability
  • Race proven performance
  • Exceptional build quality and a wide, open design that reduces mud packing and provides excellent grip.

The original and the best!  Don't be get caught out by cheap imitations! We are the founders and world leaders in pivoting footpegs. We've been producing Pivot Pegz® since October 2000 and we must stress that all Pivot Pegz® have the Pivot Pegz® brand stamped into both sides of the footpeg, if they haven't got the Pivot Pegz® brand stamp then they're not genuine Pivot Pegz®. Our stamp is your guarantee of quality and performance. Don't settle for anything less than the best!


  • BMW R1100GS
  • BMW R1150GS
  • BMW R1150GS Adventure
  • BMW R1200GS (2004 only)

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