LSK Off-Road Dongle - Tenere 700 / World Raid

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LSK Off-Road Dongle - Tenere 700 / World Raid - Control ABS on Tenere 700 (color TFT models) with a stock button plus add the ABS settings memory!

Plug-and-play Dongle that adds the memory for ABS settings and eneables full control over ABS by stock "ABS" button.


How it works

The Dongle modifies the motorcycle's behavior to what you would expect it to have directly from the manufacturer.

The new behavior will be as follows:

  • A short push of stock "ABS" button will toggle between the rear ABS OFF and ABS ON.
  • A long hold (approx. 1 second) of stock "ABS" button will turn ABS completely OFF (front and rear ABS).
  • ABS settings are retained in memory even after turning the motorcycle OFF and ON.

Note: The changes of ABS settings still can be done only when the bike is not moving - this is unfortunately hard-coded in ECU.



Why do you need it

  • It completely eliminates the time-consuming setting of ABS when driving in off-road or anywhere else.
  • It allows you to return to the riding basics also with the modern bike. Just sit and enjoy the ride.


Plug-and-play installation. Simply disconnect two connectors near the battery and connect the Dongle between them.
User's manual




  • Working on Yamaha Tenere 700 - only on models with color TFT displays.
  • Older models requires a different Dongle that will be developed in the future.


Legality and safety

  • Dongle does nothing more than what can be set by hand on the original instrument panel. It just combines all the procedure to one click or automates them after startup (the memory).
  • Please be careful during all riding and especially when you turn OFF the ABS. Do it only when you know what you are doing!



Can the Dongle damage anything on the bike in case of failure?

  • In case of Dongle failure the bike will enter safe mode but nothing will be damaged. After disconnecting the malfunctioning Dongle everything will return to normal. The error symbol on dashboard will disappear after few short rides.
  • Both CAN bus itself and devices connected to this bus are immune to failures of other connected devices so the Dongle failure will not damage them.
  • Power is drawn from the tail light connector - it is nearest available 12V power that is switched with keyswitch. The Dongle failure only blow the fuse.
  • However, this device interferes with other onboard electronic systems even if it is in disabled state. In case of its failure ABS and some info on the dashboard may be unavailable. By installing this device, you assume all responsibility for possible damage to health and property caused by the incorrect function of this device and the subsequent malfunction of other electronic systems of the motorcycle.

Can the Dongle affect the warranty of the bike?

  • The Dongle communicates trough the CAN bus data connection with the dashboard and ECU and it is designed to automotive standards. The ECU and the Dashboard is unaware of whether the message containing the required settings is transmitted by the Dongle instead of the dashboard. The messages are absolutely identical to those sent by display panel. Therefore, if you disconnect the Dongle prior to making motorcycle warranty claim, there will be no indication that this device was ever connected.
  • However, installation of the Dongle is your responsibility. Do not take this as a guide on how to circumvent the motorcycle's warranty conditions. It's just a description of how the Dongle interacts with the bike. It is still a piece of equipment that is not approved by Honda as an original accessory and you are responsible for any problems caused by its installation and use.

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